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Organic SEO For Better Rankings

SEO is a critical area for every website that wants to be found in the search results. Customers and clients that find you in this organic way are more likely to be a good match for the service and products you offer. I have personally found that I get better leads from organic Google search results than I do from referrals alone.

A virtual assistant specializing in SEO can help you improve your rankings and better yet, coach you on how to do it yourself without getting overwhelmed. A consistent and steady approach is best and can be included as part of your WordPress monthly maintenance plan.

If you really want to get serious with SEO including incorporating paid ads, I’ve partnered with Joshua Wylie, SEO Specialist to kickstart your SEO. Joshua brings advanced knowledge and experience with SEO, Google Ads, conversion rate optimization and more. Read more about Joshua.

No matter where you are in your SEO journey, Joshua and I have you covered with measured results.


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Preliminary questionnaire to identify keywords

If you’re still interested in my services, the next step would be to complete the form on my contact page to provide me with more information about your business and your website. Once you complete the form, you’ll be redirected to my appointment scheduler where you can find a convenient time for us have a discovery call. On this call, we can determine if your SEO needs and my services are a good match.

My SEO Philosophy

First, there are many factors that impact your search engine rankings and you’ll find that your rankings will rise and fall even when you do nothing. Rankings can be impacted by changes to your competitors’ sites, changes to your site, changes in algorithms, how many of your pages people visit, how long they stay on your site, and lots more. SEO is an ongoing activity for marketing a website.

Second, the most important factor in any SEO is quality content and providing a great user experience. Even if you do nothing else, creating quality content that is focused on your unique offering and topic matter will eventually get you found and ranking well in the search engines. You are the best author of content for your site and because of this, you should write your own content.

Third, you will find more success by focusing on the quality of leads versus the number of visitors. Focus on those keyword phrases that will bring targeted leads. Keywords like this may not be searched on as often as more popular keywords but they will bring you more qualified visitors. Quality visitors will stay on your site longer and be easier to convert into leads and customers. Lastly, monitor and measure your results.

Make A Plan & Set Goals

Before you start any SEO work, get a snapshot of your current traffic and start building an SEO strategy. After looking at your website statistics, make a plan and set goals for your SEO efforts. Know what you’re working towards. Are you trying to gain more traffic? Are you trying to get existing traffic to convert? Ask yourself WHY to everything. 

You’ll get the best results by having an overall goal for your content creation, knowing the search terms your visitors are using, giving your visitors the content they’re looking for, acquiring links from other sites, generating interest about your brand, and establishing yourself as an expert in your field. And use Yoast, the best SEO plugin, to help with on-page optimization.

Want help to improve your SEO?

Whether you want SEO coaching, training, keyword research, content optimization, or a plugin setup I can give you the SEO assistance you need to improve your website rankings.