Customized Website Support for Small Businesses

WordPress Virtual Assistant

WordPress Maintenance & Support

WordPress updates, backups, hosting support, domain support, technical website support, multiple website support, textual updates, image updates, formatting tasks, blog posting, and general virtual assistance.

$75 hourly or $219 monthly*

*Monthly rate is billed on the first calendar day of each month and includes up to 4 hours of support per month. Unused time does not rollover.

My Client Policies

Invoices Are Due Upon Receipt

Email invoices will arrive in your inbox on the first calendar day of the month.

Payments can be made online or, you can mail a paper check to the address on the invoice.

Office Hours Vary

Office hours are Monday thru Friday only. I reserve the weekends for working on my own business, and spending time with my family. The only exception is for emergency situations.

Submit Tasks via Email

Submit all requests via email.

You can expect an email reply to acknowledge receipt of your requests and an email notification of completion.

Two-week Notice of Cancellation Required

The day you receive an invoice from me is definitely not the day to cancel but it is the perfect day to give notice for canceling effective with the following month.

Services I Recommend

This is a list of services that I love and use often. Please note, I may receive a small compensation if you purchase with my links but it won’t cost you any more to purchase them.

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