Protect Your Online Business From Legal Liability With These Three Website Legal Documents

Website legal documents are now more vital than ever. If you don’t have these documents now is the time to act. Take action and protect yourself from legal risk and fines!

First, Website Privacy Policy (Privacy Notice)

Why? It’s required by law! Website owners like yourself are required by US law to comply with privacy and cookie laws. It’s also required by Google if you use Google Analytics or Google AdWords, and by Facebook, if you use their advertising services. It’s also required by the GDPR for all EU visitors. A privacy policy should be the first document you get and add to your website.

Second, Legal Terms and Conditions For Website (Terms of Use)

Why? It provides website usage rules to protect you! The Terms and Conditions are rules which your users are asked to agree to in order to use your website. These rules reduce and limit your legal liability for technical problems and errors with your website that are out of your control. It defines your legal relationship with your visitors and customers. If you provide a service, sell a product, offer content, advice, or opinions using your website, you should have terms and conditions to protect yourself and your business.

Third, Website Disclaimer

Why? To transfer responsibility to the visitor and protect you from lawsuits and damages. The website disclaimer covers some key foreseeable events and scenarios and works to transfer the responsibility and shift the risk from you to your website visitor. It should be written to avoid as much misunderstanding as possible of who bears the risk in as many possible contingencies as possible.

Free Website Legal Documents May Be Enough

Most of us just need the standard website legal documents. No matter where you get these documents, the important thing is that you have them and can feel confident that they will protect you. You can generate free legal documents from or you can purchase the package I did at Disclaimer Template.

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I hope you found this post easy to read, easy to understand, and most of all helpful. Once you get your legal documents added, leave a link to your website in the comments below so I can see what a great job you did.