Master Brush Coatings LLC

Master Brush Coatings LLCI recently started working with a brand-new Arizona painting contractor in Mesa, AZ. I met the family-owned business and owner through a relative. They are super nice and just a pleasure to work with.

Originally they had a website through WIX and I knew that I could offer them a better alternative. This is my space and specialty and I was eager to offer my help as I knew it would be greatly appreciated.

The first thing I did was recommend a new domain name. They were using a domain name that ended in LLC and I know from experience that a dot COM is the best way to go for a commercial business. So we went from to It’s shorter and slightly more professional in my opinion.

The next thing I did was set up a new site in WordPress using the DIVI theme. DIVI is such a great and versatile theme and even offers lots of premade templates as starting points. The DIVI library of free layouts included a painting service template which I liked so that was my starting point. I took that template and then started customizing it with the branding already started by the company.

Master Brush Coatings logoMaster Brush Coatings came to me with an awesome logo with vibrant colors so there was no guessing on my part as far as the color palette went. I took the information from their first website to start with along with ideas from the template to fill the website with content. I even asked them for some custom images which turned out great.

This is such a wonderful family-owned company. I look forward to providing them with more support as a virtual assistant. My services are customized to meet each client’s needs and right now I’m assisting them with startup and marketing tasks.

Good luck and best wishes for a successful business to Master Brush Coatings LLC!

The Master Brush Coatings team

If you’re in need or know of someone in need of a painting company, please give Master Brush Coatings a call at (602) 549-0014 or visit their website at

Contact me if you have a business website that you need help with. I can help you create a new website or help you maintain an existing website.