Build An SEO Strategy

Start Here

To get the best return on your SEO efforts, it’s important to first build an SEO strategy. Start by answering these questions.

1. What do I offer that helps solve searchers’ questions or problems?

This is the thing that you have that creates value and searchers would be happy to find it.

2. What is my unique value?

There are probably others that are doing the same thing or something similar as you so you’ve got to have a unique take on it or you have to be much better than everyone else.

3. What is my process for converting search visitors into customers?

This is your web-marketing funnel and the steps that a first-time visitor is going to take as you move them along and convert them into a customer.

4. How are you going to convey your offer in a way that search engines can understand it?

Create clear content on the topic and really answers the searchers’ question. Have a compelling title, description, and URL. Know what your competitors are doing and differentiate yourself from them.