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WordPress Website Monthly Maintenance Services
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WordPress Virtual Assistant

WordPress virtual assistant services include monthly maintenance services, troubleshooting errors, backups, blogging, and content updates. Hourly or monthly rates.

Organic WordPress SEO

WordPress organic SEO includes the installation of an SEO plugin, adding SEO meta titles and descriptions for main pages, and integration with Google Search Console and Analytics.

Divi Web Design

WordPress website design services are completed quickly and affordably using the premium Divi theme. The Divi theme provides optimal design flexibility and responsiveness.

Susan Marshall

Susan Marshall VA

WordPress Virtual Assistant

I’m a professional WordPress Virtual Assistant offering WordPress services, web design, technical support, and troubleshooting for those pesky WordPress problems. I also provide support for your other online services that connect with your website like email marketing and payment services.

Because no two clients are alike, your services will be customized to meet your specific needs. You can count on me to complete your projects and tasks quickly and efficiently. My focus is always on getting you the best results out of your WordPress website.

I understand the importance of effective and easy communication which is why I prefer good ole fashioned email. Once you email me with a support request, you’ll receive an acknowledgment within 24 hours or less so you know your request got to me. Most requests will be completed in a day or two and always by me. I don’t use subcontractors for anything unless you ask me to.

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WordPress virtual assistant

Preparing to Interview a WordPress Virtual Assistant

How do you select a WordPress virtual assistant to best fit your needs and one that can grow with your business?

Prepare before interviewing candidates by being able to provide information about your website as it is today and where you want to be in the near future. Taking time to gather this information will go a long way in finding the right virtual assistant for you.

The following are some suggestions and questions to ask yourself before interviewing a WordPress virtual assistant.

What is your budget for website support?

Pricing and rates vary widely so it’s best to have an idea or budget of what you’re willing or able to pay. Ask yourself these questions related to pricing for services:

  1. Do I need help with one project or monthly support?
  2. Am I open to package pricing or hourly pricing?
  3. Am I looking for budget or premium services?
  4. Do I want to work with a VA in a specific country, like the United States?
  5. Am I willing to pay a premium for a VA with more experience or specific skills?

What technical skills are the most important to you?

You’ll want to hire a WordPress virtual assistant that has the skills to perform the most important or primary tasks that you need help with. Ask yourself these questions related to skills:

  1. Does the WordPress VA have experience with my WordPress theme and plugins?
  2. Does the WordPress VA have experience with my web hosting company?
  3. Does the WordPress VA have experience with external services I use with my website? (i.e. email marketing, payment processors, etc)
  4. What are the primary tasks I need my WordPress virtual assistant to do?
  5. Are there any non-WordPress tasks that I need help with?

How much support do you need?

You most likely will not be the first or only client for your WordPress virtual assistant so you’ll want an idea of how much time it might take for your tasks to get done. Ask yourself these questions related to the availability and turnaround time that you require:

  1. Do I need my tasks performed on specific days or times of the day?
  2. How will I send my tasks to my VA? Some VA’s might use project management systems like Trello or Asana while others may use something as simple as email? What is my preference?
  3. How quickly do I need my tasks completed or turned around? Can my WordPress VA handle expedited requests?
  4. Will I need or require regular phone meetings or updates from my WordPress VA?
  5. Do I care if my WordPress VA contracts out any of my work?

After considering these questions and compiling information about your website and business, you’re ready to create your initial task list for your new WordPress virtual assistant. Prioritize the list by what list you want to be done first and then next and so on. You’ll also be able to use this first list for creating specific questions.

Client Raves

"Thank you so much for everything!! The website is absolutely amazing.. I truly appreciate your help. Everyone loves it."

Christy Stultz

"It's so refreshing to do this work with you! You've made my "website" world very enjoyable!"

Rachel Grivois

"Dependable, knowledgeable beyond belief and available......every time. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Juli Alvarado

"She is easy to work with and if she doesn’t know how to do something, she researches it and finds out."

Shannon McKee

"Susan did a great job when I was very stuck on some particular issues using Divi Builder and WordPress. She was able to get me to a happy place with my web page in 30 minutes!"

Lorie Marrero